flower show schedule updated Aug. 31, 2019

The flower show schedule was updated Aug. 31, 2019 and is the one now posted on this website.  

Summary of Updates: 

-Cards required to be supplied by the exhibitor listing the plant materials used in entries in any division are limited in size to 3" x 5".
-Photography entries will be exhibited on a blue/gray panel provided by the Staging Committee.
-A maximum weight of 15 lbs. has been added to the Horticulture Rules. 

There are other smaller changes, mostly additions to information, like adding the Scales of Points used to judge the entries, changes in wall color behind the exhibits, changes to italics used in the schedule, etc.

Complete Updates are as follows: 

Criteria for judging using the NGC Scale of Points has been added to Horticulture, Design, Botanical Arts Design and Photography.

  Horticulture: Cut and container-grown specimens are judged by the Scale of Points for Cut or Container-Grown Specimens and Collections, Chapter 14, I, Handbook for Flower Shows.  Criteria include conformance, plant identification, peak of perfection, grooming and staging. 

  Combination plantings are judged by the Scale of Points for Combination Plantings and Gardens, Chapter 14, II, Handbook for Flower Shows.  Criteria include conformance, plant identification, labeling, peak of perfection, overall effect, creative/distinctive, grooming and staging.

   Design: Judged by the Scale of Points for Design, Chapter 14, IV, Handbook for Flower Shows, including conformance, design principles, selection/organization of components, expression, and distinction.

  Botanical Arts Design: Judged by the Design Scale of Points, Chapter 14, IV, the Handbook for Flower Shows, including conformance, use of design principles, selection and organization of components, expression, distinction.

  Photography: Judged by the Scale of Points for Photography, Chapter 14, VII, Handbook for Flower Shows, including interpretation of class title, composition, artistry, technical achievement, and distinction.

The maximum weight for Horticulture entries is 15 pounds. 

The size of card that is required by the exhibitor listing plant materials used in all divisions is limited to a maximum of 3” x 5”. The card may coordinate with your design, if not distracting. 

A card is not required in Horticulture except in combination plantings, where the type of plant and its location in the container must be noted'; most plants will be listed already on the entry card for horticulture specimens. 

In Photography, the staging committee will print your plant information on coordinating cards for uniformity in the exhibit. Please let Cathy Wayson know what plant material is shown in your photos by September 15 so that the signage can be prepared.

On p. 17, Div. IV:  Photography will not be exhibited on a white background as previously stated, but on a large blue/gray vertical panel supplied by the Staging Committee. 

The required number of Photography entries is a minimum of 4 required and maximum of 12 entries allowed for Class 1, 'A Garden Portrait' and Class 2, 'Mother Nature's Garden.  A minimum of 4 entries is required and allowed in Class 3, 'My Garden Story', which is a series of three related photographs. 

The term ‘staging panel’ has replaced ‘background’, but it refers to the same exhibitor-supplied panel, just updated terminology.

Education exhibits will be staged in front of shaded windows, instead of a beige wall, since they have been relocated.

There is no height restriction for designs or horticulture, but they should be in proportion to the exhibit area and design size.

Design Division II, Section A, Classes 1, 'Autumn Reflections', and 2, 'Color Cascade', are limited to a 24" wide exhibit space. 

Botanical Arts Design Division III, Section A, Class 1, 'Autumn in the Air,' and 2, 'Craft Fair Days', are limited to a 24" wide exhibit spaces.

(Space size adjustments were necessary to allow for changes required in the layout of the show.)

BVGC Garden Club,
Sep 6, 2019, 12:59 PM